Our Technology

Elcarim Science (ES), headquartered in Singapore, is a leading supplier of integrated products, services and support to Boundary Security Awareness, Area Reconnaissance & Surveillance, Intelligence Search and Rescue solutions etc. Focused on security & defense technology, ES develops, manufactures and supports a broad range of systems for mission critical and Security sustainment requirements, as well as area security.

ES has been recognized as one of the fastest growing security technology companies in the South East Asia and holds leading market positions in Cooled/Uncooled Thermal Imager, Fused/Stabilized Image processing technology, HD-SDI Fiber converter, System Integration and System customization for Reconnaissance, Security Surveillance System, Intelligence Search and Rescue solutions and support services.

ES's broad range of mission critical systems and sustainment solutions uniquely position the Company to support the ongoing superiority of the Current Security Situation, as well as the modernization and emerging transformation initiatives of the Future Security Requirement.

ES responds to the needs of Singapore and allied Security forces, as they engage in day-to-day expeditionary activities, by providing high-tech products and systems that improve the capabilities of many key platforms. ES also provides a range of security support systems and services. ES's products are deployed on a wide range of high-profile security platforms and on several platforms for civil applications.

Our sustainment products, such as Boundary Area Security Surveillance System, Day & Night Search and Rescue System for Helicopter or Vessel, Portable Thermal Image Goggles, Cooled/Uncooled Thermal Imager, Vehicle Optronics Surveillance Solution, Image Processing Solution etc., support services for area or urban security field, and government significant felicitation and intelligence guard mission.

ES strives to provide quality products and services and stand behind them, to invest in research and development and new market opportunities, and to leverage existing core security programs and business areas.