Nov 24, 2016

Hyaena MW Thermal Imaging Camera

ES, a leading global manufacturer of innovative thermal imaging infrared cameras, is launching one new product - the Hyaena MW Thermal Imaging Camera in October 2016.

The Hyaena MW Thermal Imaging Camera uses a high operating temperature (HOT) SCD's new XBn (InAsSb) technology with a resolution of 640 × 512 pixels on a 15μm pitch. The product was developed in response to market demand for reduced Swap (Size, Weight and Power) and for increased reliability.

HOT technology enables cooled medium wave imagers to offer far superior performance in a more compact solution than uncooled imagers for long range, hand held and weapon mounted applications. Hyaena based systems will provide greater detection, recognition and identification (DRI) ranges in a package with lower size, weight and power (SWaP). The unique power saving features ensure an image is available instantly throughout the mission. The revolutionary electronic architecture of Hyaena brings a wealth of features adding new capabilities for the system integrator and end user.